Top 5 Cheapest Countries you Must Consider to Travel


When it comes to traveling, money is one of the biggest obstacles. But, if you plan your trip economically, then you can get the most out of your trip. Don’t allow your small budget to kill your dream of seeing the world. There are some interesting places in the world which are cheap to travel to in 2016. We have compiled a list of top 5 cheapest countries to travel. Keep reading this article to know about the top cheapest countries that you can consider to travel.

Loas-Cheapest Countries

Laos: Thailand is one of the favorite budget travelers. Nowadays, this neighborhood Laos is getting more popularity and attention. This country is even cheaper than Thailand. With low prices, it is quite easy to spend quality time here. Book flight tickets in advance to eliminate hassle during your trip.


Greece: A tour to Greece is cheaper than ever these days as tourism is one of the reliable industries this country has left. Here, you can spend a great time spending less money. There are several tourist attractions in this country including incredible beaches, landscapes, islands and a lot more. If you want to have a comfortable stay in this country, then you must browse hotel booking sites online to book a high-class hotel at the best price.


Philippines: Well, this country is not as cheap as Laos and Thailand. But, still, this country is considered as one of the popular countries in the West. Here, you’ll find amazing scenery and beaches here. If you want to explore nature, then look no further other than the Philippines as this country has incredible beaches, jungles, mountain views etc.


Vietnam: When you are here in Laos, you can also plan to visit and explore Vietnam. This country has amazing scenery, beaches, and jungles. Booking hotel online can help you save big money when you are here in Vietnam. Here, food, accommodation, transportation and drinks are cheap. There is a lot to explore in this beautiful destination.


Hungary: Europe is generally a costly place for visitors, but Hungary is not. Here, you can find thriving hipster scenes, cool bars, nightlife and a lot more within your budget. Don’t forget to check out amazing scenery of Lake Balaton. Hungary is generally popular for its thermal spas which are affordable as compared to spas in other countries. Like other countries on this list, Hungary is not a much popular destination but you must take a time to know about this country. So, make a plan to visit this country to explore its tourist destination within your budget. Enjoy a great time here in Hungary and book quality hotel rooms online to stay comfortably.

So, if you want to plan a tour within your affordability, choose any of these countries! All these countries have incredible tourist destinations and you can make the most out of your tour without making a hole in your pocket.