5 Days Middle East Tour

Tower of David

Middle East is one of those regions which have been attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world. Israel, Jordan and Egypt are very highly attracted tourist destinations in Middle East. All those three countries can be covered in a five days tour. The tour commences from Israel where first visit world famous Jerusalem which has a greater history written. Jerusalem is one of the most historical and oldest cities in the world. It has a more religious value as it is the holistic city for Christians, Muslims and Jews. In Jerusalem, you can see the beauty of old city which has been named as a world heritage site in 1991. The oldest writings of Jerusalem were found in outside the old city walls. Western wall is also located in the old city of Jerusalem. The temple mount is also another popular tourist destination in Jerusalem. It is considered as the holiest place for Jews where they use to prayers. The tomb of Jesus is one of the most attracted places in Jerusalem. People from all over the world who visit Jerusalem don’t miss the opportunity to witness that holistic place. It is considered as the place where the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus both located.

The Tower of David is also located in Jerusalem which has a great architectural value and has been built 2000 years ago. The Mount of Olives is the other important destination you should not miss to visit in Jerusalem. It is located near to the Temple Mount and the Tower of David. It has been used as funeral grounds for the Jerusalem city for thousands of years. Then you can visit world famous Dead Sea which is considered as the lowest point on the earth. It also has the highest salt percentage in the world. Around the Dead Sea, there are so many hotels, restaurants and other tourism facilities you can enjoy. Dead Sea is a place where you can get a free health spa, because it is so natural and has the healing power.

Then after the journey of Jerusalem which takes around two and half days, we move to Jordan. It is the Petra city of Jordan which is famous for its architectural value. Petra is the most attracted tourist destination and named as a world heritage site in 1985. In 2007, it was named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is kind of symbolic place for Jordan. As tourists you can highly enjoy the beauty of places in Petra city.

After one and half days in Jordan, we can then move to Cairo in Egypt in the fifth day where you can witness the famous Egyptian museum which contains the historic antiquities. It has 107 halls and contains around 160,000 items covering around 5000 years of Egyptian history. Then you can visit Mosque of Muhammad Ali which was the largest creation in 19th century in Egypt. It was built as a memorial for Tusun Pasha the oldest son of Muhammad Ali.