Who is is a travel website owned by a group of travel enthusiasts to share travel information and travel deals.

Is a tour agent or booking agent for the deals?

We are neither a tour agent nor booking agent. Visitors will make their bookings directly with the service providers that this website links to.

I need to set up an account with in order to access the information on the website or enjoy the deals?

No. All the information and search engines on this website are free for all visitors to access.

Will have access to my credit card or payment information?

No. All payments and transactions are done directly with the partner booking websites. has no access to your payment information.

Who can I call if I have questions regarding my bookings?

Any questions regarding booking should be directed to the respective booking websites that you have booked your tickets with.

I have some travel experiences that I would like to share with your website visitors. How can I go about doing so?

We welcome travelers to share their travel stories, tips and interesting deals with our visitors. Please email us at for a discussion.