Historical India Tour

Taj Mahal

India is one of the world’s most historical places to visit. It consists of so many historical places where most of them have been named as world heritage sites. Among all the historical places in India, the most popular one is Taj Mahal which is a symbol of India. It has won lot of tourist attractions. Actually it has 3 to 4 million tourist attraction annually. It was built by one of the emperors in India shah Jahan to show his love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It consist several buildings and has been built with using white marble in the city of Agra. Each building has its own story and will be explained to you to understand the whole Taj Mahal complex. It took 22 years to complete the whole complex and around 20000 workers used. Taj Mahal is actually one of the eight wonders of the world as well as a world heritage site.

Another historical places in India, is the Golden Temple also called as Harmandir Sahib. Due to its golden coating, it is well popular as the Golden Temple. It is one of the most famous religious places for Sikhs in India. It was built as an idea of creating their own place for Sikhs to worship. It is located in Amritsar city of Punjab.

Hampi is also another historical place in India which is treated as the last capital of Vijayangar, a well-known Hindu empire in ancient times. Now you see the ruins of Hampi there which are from 14th century. Hampi ruins cover around 25 kilometers of space containing more than 500 shrines.

Mahabodhi Temple is another historical place you should visit in India. It has a historic value as well as a religious value. It is one of the most sacred places for Buddhists not only in India but also for other Buddhists all over the world as well. Mahabodhi Temple location consist three monuments. They are Mahabodhi Tree, Lord Buddha Stupa and Bodimanda Vihara. This wonderful ancient place is located in Bihar State in India and named as one of the seven wonders in India.

Varanasi is a very highly tourist attracted place in India. It is due to the Ghats in Varanasi, well known for its holiest value. It is situated in just near the famous river Ganges. People around the world love to visit there to have bathing as well as to do meditation in the morning.

Old Goa Churches is another place you should visit specially if you are a Christian. It is one of the most tourist attracted places in India. It is very famous for the historic church buildings and has been rated as a world heritage site. It is also the largest church in Asia. Old Goa Churches was constructed during the 15th century and has been built with mud, stones and straw originally. Later it has been gone through some modifications but able to keep the historical value. It has a very elegant and simple look that attracts anyone.

Visit all these historical places of India to get the feeling of ancient India.