Nature Getaways In Asia

Mount Everest

As the largest continent in the world, Asia has so much to offer. The diversity of the food, cultures, locals, and the place itself. In terms of the tourist destinations, Asia has it all from beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, and even caves. In this article, I will talk about the nature getaways that you could visit in Asia.


Seriously, who doesn’t know about this country? For you that didn’t know, yes, Maldives is a country and yes, they are in Asia. They have such a beautiful beach with clean water, amazing view, and a great resort to stay. A lot of people often visit this place for their honeymoon because this place also has some romantic vibes. There are some resorts that are built on the shore and have a glass floor at a certain area in the bungalow so you could see the sea right beneath you. It will also allow you to swim right outside your bungalow.

Although a lot of people came to Maldives just to relax and infuse the beauty of their beach, just like another country, Maldives also has some other tourist attractions such as museum and historical mosque. There are actually several islands in Maldives that you could explore.

Macritchie Reservoir, Singapore

As one of the smaller countries in the world, it would be hard for them to have nature getaways, but they have. The Macritchie Reservoir is their oldest and first reservoir. The area is very wide and it has such a beautiful surroundings. It often used as the venue for a sports event, a school’s events, or performing arts.

There are a lot of activities that you could do in here, such as exercise, take a walk, get lost in the forest, relax, canoeing, kayaking, and observe or interacting with the animals. The highlight of what you can do in here is The Treetop Walk. Basically, you are walking on a suspension bridge that is in the middle of the top of the trees, that’s why it’s called treetop. You will have a new view about that place and could observe more animals that you can’t see while you down there.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

There are probably several deserts in Asia, but this one would be the most unforgettable thing to experience. Although it’s a desert, there are a lot that you would see while you take a tour there. You could see a cliff called Flaming Cliff where the first dinosaur’s egg were first found, the longest sand dunes in Mongolia called Khongoryn Els where you could ride a camel, green hills, and a gorge that covered in ice for 10 months. It’s a contrast yet amazingly beautiful scenery of Gobi.

Another interesting thing about this desert is about the locals. If you want to go back or perhaps try to live in such a traditional way and a way that are very different from the way people live now, don’t forget to say hi whenever you meet the locals. How they live, their culture and foods are just so fascinating.

Mount Everest, Nepal

There is even a film about this mountain, so you know that this is such a legendary place. This is the highest mountain in the earth. This is also the hardest mountain to climb because of the weather and the environment. You have to be an experienced climber to have the permission to climb this mountain since there are already quite a lot of people died trying to.

Every place is just as worthy as other places for you to visit. It’s just a matter of priority, budget, time, and effort that determine how and where you travel. This is how you experience the world.